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Agility And Track Turf

Agility and Track Turf

Throughout Columbus, sporting complexes rely on SYNLawn to provide the highest quality artificial grass for athletes.

Columbus athletes need safe and reliable spaces in which to train. By choosing synthetic turf, Columbus sports facilities can ensure their agility and track surfaces are available for use at all times of the year. Our artificial grass is available for both residential and commercial applications throughout Columbus, Ohio.

One reason to choose synthetic turf for track and agility applications is the enhanced durability your athletes will experience on the field. Artificial grass can withstand conditions that would cause natural grass to wither and die, such as drought-affected areas or ground that is heavily shaded as well as the heavy traffic such turf endures.

Here are some of the sporting applications for artificial grass in Columbus, Ohio:

Weight Room Turf

Whereas heavy use can leave natural grass looking patchy, synthetic turf can stand up to heavy foot traffic, so you won’t end up waiting for ugly bald patches to regrow or replace ripped up turf. Use your artificial grass agility and track turf at any time of the year without worrying about mud or puddles. Thanks to our turfs impressive drain rate of 30 inches per hour, standing water will no longer be a problem for your sporting field. Come rain or shine, you can enjoy the reliability of the non-slip surface for all your training needs.

If you want to create a sports training ground that is fit for training the next generation of agility and track stars, artificial turf is a smart choice. With low maintenance needs and consistent performance, synthetic turf can serve your athletes for many years to come.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of artificial grass for your Columbus sports field, call SYNLawn at (888) 796-6446 or contact us online today for a FREE design consultation!