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Commercial Playground Turf

Artificial Playground Turf for Schools and Parks

Create a safer place for children to play with padded playground turf in Columbus, Ohio.

Playground Turf

SYNLawn Ohio is dedicated to helping schools, city planning commissions, and local businesses design safe playgrounds throughout Columbus. We offer a variety of artificial playground grass built with the industry’s most innovative products for playground surfaces. SYNLawn Ohio’s artificial playground turf comes with many benefits for public play:

Whether you need turf for under a jungle gym, monkey bars or a slide, SYNLawn Ohio always comes out ahead. Our ASTM-tested artificial turf is installed using IPEMA-certified methods that include a soft, padded layer beneath the surface. This is just one reason our products are certified for fall attenuation up to 10 feet.

For high-traffic areas, we offer easily replaceable TrampleZones™. These are typically installed at the base of a slide or under swings. When certain sections of the surface need to be refreshed, our team can simply swap out that single section rather than replace your entire artificial turf system. This is just one of the many ways SYNLawn Ohio can help your organization save money while offering the public a better playground surface.

Playground Turf

In addition to long-term savings, SYNLawn Ohio offers financial benefits you will be able to see almost immediately. Artificial turf does not require care from a landscaping team like regular grass might. Our playground grass is always cut to the perfect height for easy playtime fun. There is no need to set up a sprinkler system for artificial grass; blowing away debris and spraying it periodically with a hose is enough to keep our artificial turf lush and beautiful. To help accommodate the rainy season, our artificial grass features a drainage rate of 30 inches per hour to help prevent standing water hazards.

Our team is excited to bring the benefits of SYNLawn to schools, parks and businesses throughout Ohio. Contact us today to schedule a completely free design consultation to get started.