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Lexington Synthetic Grass

Lexington Artificial Grass

Our Lexington synthetic grass is a pet’s best friend.

Our Lexington synthetic grass is the perfect surface for pets and their owners. Your pet will love the soft feel SYNLawn® synthetic grass, and you’ll love the fact that our fake grass will keep your pet safe, comfortable, clean and happy. Synthetic grass installations from SYNLawn® are as pet friendly as it gets, which is why you’re seeing them in an increasing number of artificial grass lawns, pet runs and more. Our pet systems take into account a number of factors in creating a custom pet grass installation that will revolutionize your pet’s outdoor time.

What makes for a dog friendly surface? One that has been custom-designed for your dog and your available outdoor space certainly qualifies, and SYNLawn® will create just such a custom design for you. Here are some of the pet-related benefits of our Lexington synthetic turf:

Learn more about our Lexington grass synthetics and let us create a custom pet system just for you.

There are so many benefits associated with SYNLawn® fake grass, and the fact that is a perfect surface for pets is one that animal lovers can really get behind. Our synthetic grass installations eliminate the need for watering and yard work, saving you time and money while maintaining a perfect look and feel year-round. Learn more about our innovative fake grass products today. 

The time your pet spends outdoors should be spent in comfort and on a surface that promotes safety and well-being. SYNLawn® has created just such a surface, and invites you to schedule an on-site consultation to discuss your installation at your convenience.